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Wealth Curve

Interestingly, I’ve realized recently that the wealthier you are, the less likely you’ll want to show off your wealth.

I’m reading an interesting book right now called Crazy Rich Asians (highly recommend it – not just for Asians either) and it’s fascinating how you get two types of wealthy people:

  1. The gaudy, show-offs who are either new money or want the entire world to know that they can afford designer labels; and
  2. The people who have grown up with money and prefer understated statements of wealth.

What do I mean by that? Let’s take myself for example, because we all know I love to talk about me:

Those who have been reading my blog for a while (you’re awesome!) know that I wasn’t born into money. While my family never struggled financially as such, we also didn’t have private jets and yachts and all other good shit.

We flew coach when we did take a vacation, and vacations were rare.

It wasn’t until my Daddy and uncles started a lucrative business venture that we all of a sudden become quite loaded. And not just like normal white person load – we were Asian people loaded. We had drivers, VIP treatment everywhere and people gifting us expensive shit all the time.

So – this is where I become showy new money loaded. I bought myself up with not one, but 8 Louis Vuitton monogram handbags, all my jewelry had to have their brand emblazoned on it, and I start going to sceney places.

Oh, how I shake my head now at show pony Julie.

As time passes, I realize that you don’t need to go around throwing your money in everyone’s face. I start to move onto the more understated brands. I find myself moving away from the obvious LV and Gucci monograms, and instead steer towards the Chanels and the Bottegas of the world.

Now, I tend to veer to the more inconspicuous brands – nowhere on my Birkin does it actually say the brand Hermes. Okay, it does on the little gold clasp, but its uber tiny.

So, being the Asian that I am, I’ve come up with this interesting graph that charts the correlation between the two: show of wealth versus wealth:

Essentially – here is how you read it:

Initially, you’re poor and struggling and have no money, and hence, you have really nothing to show off. Unless you have a rocking body and a pretty face, and then you land yourself a rich husband and ta da! You’ve moved up the wealth curve!

In the middle of the curve, you’re like pretty wealthy, but you’re all “OMG I HAVE ALL THIS MONEY! LOOK AT ME BITCHES!” and your show of wealth is like head to toe Versace outfit level. Cringe.

And then, as you get used to bathing in Evian, making it rain with hungies (hundreds) and turning your nose up at any restaurant with less than two Michelin stars, you find yourself at the end of the curve.

I wanted to write this as education for all my aspiring Trophy Wives – there are two lessons to be learnt here:

  1. Never be exceedingly flashy with your money. It’s extremely tacky to throw that shit in other people’s faces.
  2. Always dress understated and classy. You can fake it til you make it by investing in quality pieces to give potential husbands the impression that you’re at the right end of the curve.


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  1. Jane - June 27, 2013 6:53 AM

    Hey, TW!

    I’m a fellow TW who came from nothing and maried an 8-figure husband. People always use to make fun of me for being poor and were incredibly vicious and mean to me because I never had the right shoes, haircut, etc. I feel as if I have an indelible chip on my shoulder that can only be filled by rubbing it in those bitches faces. But, in a classy way, of course. So, how do I show how successful I am without coming off as a classless idiot? Charitable giving is out of the question because I always donate generously and anonymously. I strongly feel that giving should be a selfless act. There have been times when I anonymously helped out a person whom made fun of me. But, I just want the haters to say, “I should not have made fun of someone for something as shallow as their income tax bracket.” Designer duds are also out of the question. These people wouldn’t know Chanel from Target. Any suggestions?

  2. walt - June 28, 2013 3:15 PM


    For our 10th anniversary I gave my TW a Bentley. Sort of a co-present as I drive it on weekends.
    She already had a Volvo, but started driving the Bentley everywhere. Not good. To “in your face” to others. While all her close friends would probably be described as “rich”, there are degrees. Today if she is out with her slightly rich friends, she uses the Volvo, but with her filthy rich friends, she uses the Bentley.


    • Trophy Wife - July 1, 2013 9:17 AM

      Hi Walt,

      I just asked Husband for a Bentley. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. J - June 29, 2013 1:52 PM

    If someone spilled a drink on your birkin, would you say “oh shit!” and try to wipe it clean or would you say, “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS BAG FUCKING COSTS?”

    • Trophy Wife - July 1, 2013 9:16 AM

      Hi J,

      I would probably just say – FUCK. and wipe it clean, and tell them it’s okay. Afterwards, I would take Birkin immediately to Hermes for some emergency TLC.



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