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I have two perfectly adorable nephews – S & D. S is…5? 6 years old? And D is turning 3 next year.

I’m a terrible aunt – I mean, I don’t even know how old S is for gods sakes? Not to mention I miss their birthdays. Every single year.

But I have made a promise to myself that starting 2K13, I will be a more active aunt, right after I ask Momma Lin when their birthdays are and I set myself reminders in my iPhone.

You all know how I feel about kids – but when they’re related to you, it’s a completely different story. I love these little nuggets, and even though every time they see me they forget who I am, yet they NEVER forget who Husband is… It’s okay, because this Christmas, I intend to win back their love the only way I know how – with lavish gifts.

Now – not having any knowledge of what little boys like, I had to resort to asking my brother what they wanted for Christmas.

I then had this conversation with Husband:

Husb:    So – did your bro tell you what the boys want for Christmas?

Me:        Yep.

Husb:    Okay. So, what should we buy them?

Me:        A panda.

Husb:    What? Did he really say that they want a panda?

Me:        Oh yes. He explicitly said that both boys would love a pet panda.

Husb:    Really? Can I see the email thread between you two where this panda was mentioned?

Me:        Um…I think I might have deleted it.

Husb:    Well it’s probably in your deleted items folder.

Me:        WHY are you asking so many questions? If the boys want a panda, we should get them a panda!

Husb:    Are you sure YOU’RE not the one who wants a panda?

Me:        Must you ruin all my fun?

Unfortunately, Husband saw through my well thought out plan so we had to forgo on the panda. Nevertheless, I am flying back to Taiwan with an entire suitcase of gifts for my two little nuggets.

You know that I love them because I gave up one of my 2 allocated suitcase allowance for those boys.

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