Ask TW: Should I Keep Banging Him?

Dear TW,

I am a hot young aspiring future trophy wife, which is why I have so many questions. First of all can we get drunk and become best friends?!

And my second question is a bit more complicated:

I’ve recently been strictly fucking this guy. He’s 25 and he’s definitely got his shit together as far as finances. He has his degree and has goals to make more money, I would say he’s a good guy and we have definitely become friends. He also promotes for clubs in NYC meaning I’m obviously not the only girl he’s having sex with. Girls practically put their beavers in his face as if he’s a celebrity. He always invites me out when he promotes and when I do go out with him he never does anything with other girls in front of my face. I never pay for anything or have to worry about driving and then at the end of the night I get to have the most amazing sex I’ve had thus far in my life!

So my question is, how long do I continue to do this guy, when is the right time to cut it off, or just keep doing it until someone serious comes along? At this point I don’t think he’d be serious with me because of the relationship we’ve already established… oh and that it’s his job to meet girls Ha. It’s not that I’m necessarily looking for anything serious at this point in my life, but I don’t want to waste my time either.

So what do I do TW?

Future Trophy Wife,


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  1. Amy M - August 4, 2013 3:57 AM

    “Spread your wings, spread your legs… Whatever!”
    Hahaha, dying!


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