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Nicole asked:

I want to know how can I be more physically aligned with becoming trophy wife material (appearance wise)? From sweatpants to trophy wife material basically.

Dear Nicole,

First of all – a Trophy Wife in training should never, EVER wear sweatpants. Do I own sweatpants? No. Have I ever owned sweatpants? Never. Even the name ‘sweatpants’ sounds disgusting – they sound like you’re wearing some sweaty-assed pants, and ain’t no one is turned on by a sweaty ass.

I understand that there is a whole comfort factor involved. But you know what is both comfortable and sexy? Yoga pants. Guys love that shit because it fits you like a second skin and they can imagine what you would look like without them easily. And we all know that most men have little to no imagination so don’t make life hard or them by covering up a nice ass with some baggy sweatpants.

An additional bonus is that yoga pants are so seriously comfortable; I could spend an entire day in them.

Anywho – I digress; my answer to your question is two-fold:

One side is focused on the more physical aspects of your appearance. If you have been following my blog, it’s no secret that I have a fear of fat people. A true Trophy Wife knows that looking after her physical appearance is a job in itself – it’s important to work out, eat right and be in the best shape that you can be. I’m not saying that all Trophy Wives are stick skinny – god knows I’m not! But I exercise every single day, and try to take note of everything I ingest to keep to that vital equation: energy in should be less than energy out. Taking care of your appearance is an attractive trait as it shows that you respect yourself – and he knows that if he wifes you up, you generally wouldn’t let yourself go.

The second part of my answer is focused more on the material aspects on your appearance. People assume that to be a Trophy Wife you need to be dressed up in expensive shit and covered in enough jewels to make a Christmas tree jealous. That’s SO not the case. First of all, who the hell has all this money to go shopping in designer stores all the time? Granted, after you become a Trophy Wife that is a possibility, but if you haven’t even reached that stage yet, there is no point getting yourself in debt just to lure a rich man!

For me, there are certain pieces of clothing and accessories where you should invest in – a designer handbag (Chanel), a beautiful watch (Cartier), a beautiful coat (Burberry) and a fabulous pair of wear-with-everything pumps (Manolos or Louboutins). Sure, these pieces might set you back a few grand, but I promise you – you will wear these items all the time and they will last you years. Team these classics with a cute dress from H&M or Zara, and you’ll always be understated and chic.

Remember – it’s not all about how much you spend; it’s about how you put yourself together. People assume that I’m forever dropping thousands on designer dresses and accessories – but to be honest with you, my favorite stores I frequent include Zara, BCBG, Armani Exchange and H&M. And my classic black caviar Chanel bag? I’ve had her for years!

Finally – a Trophy Wife is never slutty or cheap. Always keep in mind these general rules when dressing:

-          Never show more than one asset at a time. If you’re wearing a low-cut dress, try to to make sure it’s not so short that your lady taco is hanging out.

-          Always dress for your size – nothing is more unattractive than when you try to squeeze into a dress that is too small and look like an overstuffed sausage.

-          It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

I hope this has helped Nicole! For a few other tips and tricks, read my post on Trophy Wife Do’s and Don’ts and my Elite Daily article on How to Become a Trophy Wife.



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  1. Nicole - December 4, 2012 11:27 AM

    Thanks for the quick response and advice! You answered everything I needed to hear!

    • Julie - December 4, 2012 11:29 AM

      You’re so welcome! Thanks for being my first question-asker! Feel free to ask me anything!



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